About Us

Accountants + Advisors

We're so much more than accountants. Our difference is the advice we add to your business. Advice that is relevant, right on, and invaluable.

Success in business means greater rewards with less frustration and the confidence that comes from knowing where you're going. ENZO helps business owners to create companies with greater profits, improved cash flow, tax effective and efficient structures, higher business value and support and coaching for business owners.

ENZO works primarily with smart, progressive New Zealand businesses that don't necessarily have the resources to 'do it all'. We aim to achieve lasting partnerships with our clients that deliver results. Above all, we work with great clients: clients who are willing to be supported and challenged to get the most out of their businesses.

Our philosophy: Maximise + optimise.

First and foremost, ENZO offers expert accountancy services to enable you to maximise the money you earn from your business. But we've also learned from decades of experience that many of our clients need more than numbers: they're looking for a true business partner who can help their business evolve and succeed. To meet those needs, we've shaped our business to better help yours: by adding advisory and CFO services to our offering.

This combination of services means we understand where a business wants to go, how to get there and the financial implications of any decisions that are made. All designed so we can help you optimise your business for success.